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PUBLISHED BY KUAM : POST DATE 2/24/2016 6:32:00 AM | Comments
Former governor Felix Camacho is taking the leap to help his family go green, as he told KUAM News, "We had an opportunity where we got a great deal on solar panels, and with LG being introduced to Guam, this is the first installation." Read More
PUBLISHED BY KUAM : POST DATE 2/24/2016 6:41:00 AM | Comments
Southern resident John Scott said after wanting to go green for years, he and his wife Pat finally installed a 60-panel solar system in their Agat home. The investment is one they would have made sooner if they weren't concerned about possible damage from typhoons. Read More
PUBLISHED BY KUAM : POST DATE 2/24/2016 6:45:00 AM | Comments
It's been almost a decade since Guam was introduced to its first solar net-metered house. But technology quickly advanced, and today Guam has its first solar house of the future. Read More
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