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By: Isa Baza

He installed 40 panels at his daughter's home last month. He explained, "We expect the power bill to be anywhere from $0 and $50 at the most per month, and that's a tremendous savings that they can then apply towards the financing of this project. So it pays for itself, and its guaranteed for 25 years."

What used to be a $350 bill every month, will become an estimated $82,000 savings over the next 25 years, thanks to the solar installation. "And with Guam and the abundant sunshine we have here, going green and going solar, I think, is the way to go," he said. "And it also reduces the carbon footprint, and in many way's it's the family's contribution to the environment."

This installation was the first collaboration between international company LG Electronics, and locally-owned Pacific Solar and Photovoltaics. Dan Wilson from LG Electronics says the company based out of South Korea. "And we make some of the best solar panels in the world, highest efficiency, and energy storage systems, as well," he said.

Meanwhile the project installer, Pacific Solar, is the longest running solar company on island. "With , once we signed up with them, from start to finish they handled everything," Governor Camacho added. "The application with GPA, the installation, the mounting of it and within a couple of weeks it was done."

Pacific Solar's James Paek says the time is now to go solar, adding, "Financial incentives are there's a 30% tax credit that the homeowner can file at the end of the year. That's 30% of your investment back in the form of a tax credit, and I think production wise Guam is so close to the equator that efficiency and productivity is bar none.
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