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PUBLISHED BY KUAM : POST DATE 02/24/2016 | Comments
By: Isa Baza
Southern resident John Scott said after wanting to go green for years, he and his wife Pat finally installed a 60-panel solar system in their Agat home. The investment is one they would have made sooner if they weren't concerned about possible damage from typhoons.

"So strength and impact resistance against storm damage, once those were resolved it was a no brainer," he explained. With fluctuating power costs and a bill of $500 to $600 every month, Scott said the drive to save money led him to the investment. He added, "We expect to maintain this year to save at least $6,000 and just pay the service fee, which is $15 a month. So this one puts the money in our pocket, puts it back into the house, increases the value of our property, and through 2016 you can still deduct 30% of the cost as a tax credit."

Scott purchased the system through locally-owned solar company, Pacific Solar and Photovoltaics. "Those guys know what they're doing," he said confidently. "I'm also of an opinion that quality is more important than cost, so they use US-made and European-made components versus some of the lesser-cost systems around here, so we went with the quality system. So we would know that we would know we would have no problems with it, that the warranty's would be good and the system would work flawlessly."

It's an investment he recommends to all homeowners, and one he expects to pay back in just six years.

"I'm very pleased with it, I'm now thinking I should have done it years ago. The other part of me that worried about would it survive a typhoon, now that I'm convinced of that we're happy we've done it," he said.

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