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A solar power purchase agreement provides a commercial building owner the opportunity to go solar without any upfront costs or future maintenance of a photovoltaic system. Under a solar power purchase agreement the commercial building owner will only pay less per month on their monthly electric bill!
There will be two different parties involved in a solar PPA (power purchase agreement), the owner and the host customer (building owner). The host customer will lease the building’s roof space to the owner to install a photovoltaic system that will produce power to that building. The owner will pay for the installer to install all the equipment needed. The owner than will sell the power produced by that photovoltaic system to the host customer at a lower rate then the current utility rate. The host customer will see monthly savings from the electric bill without any upfront cost! The owner will also maintain the system on the roof to make sure the system is operating at its highest efficiency. The photovoltaic system will also be insured by the owner for any liabilities.
The owner can afford this by taking advantage of the federal tax credits, grant programs and depreciation of the system.
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