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After putting it on the backburner for years, Ken and Tresa Siongco have finally made the plunge into solar energy. Their fully outfitted solar home protects them from utility rate increases, power outages, and is fully self-sustaining during and after natural disasters. Pacific Solar and Photovoltaics lead technician Shane Duenas said, "This home is suited with a Solarhart 80-gallon water heater system, Outback Radion Battery Backup, and Solar Photovoltaics system." The solar water heater uses the sun's free energy to offset up to $100 of power used by a typical water heater. Solarhart is a proven brand on Guam, with its oldest 40-year-old unit still in operation. Next is battery storage, which Duenas said, "The fully automated Outback Radion is a complete renewable energy system, with energy storage and battery backup." The system allows users to use stored energy during peak hours. It also features a critical loads panel to protect sensitive home appliances and equipment. "On the Solar Photovoltaics side, the home will produce 5 kilowatts of energy per hour and offset approximately $150 of power." With these three facets integrated into their home, the Siongco's now have the ability to offset 100% of their power, and be 100% self-sustaining, something they say is well worth the investment.
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