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Ordot resident Perry Taitano said investing in solar energy was one of the soundest decisions he's ever made. "One is it's an investment for me, it appreciates the value of the house. To me, much more so than what I put in, that's my expectation. And secondly, my power bill will now be used to pay off the cost of installing that, and eventually, five years from now, I would have gotten a return on my investment." His power bill used to be roughly $400 a month. After purchasing a 56-panel system, he expects that bill to be reduced to almost nothing. The money he previously spent on power, will now be used to pay off his investment, something he expects to complete in the next five years. Once paid off, the panels should last another two decades. "They're supposed to last 25 years, and as a result of their exposure to the elements, the most you're going to lose is 25% and that's throughout the 25 years, that's a heck of an investment you know...I'm satisfied," he said. In addition, a 30% federal tax credit is available for solar installations. The decision also increases his net worth, as he added, "And the house appreciates tremendously in value, much more so than what I put out, so all around, it's an advantage for anyone. I've spoken to some friends of mine who have had Pacific Solar and Photovoltaics installed and they're very happy with it." Pacific Solar is the island's longest-running locally owned solar company. Taitano said, "I've done my homework and you know I've checked with others who've had it and so no, it wasn't a problem for me, it wasn't' a difficult decision to make. It was just sitting down with my wife and discussing it." After weighing the pros and cons, he said he's happy with the investment, and recommends it to others in the community.
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