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We actually started off with a solar water heater we got it last march and we were very impressed with how well it worked we only had a few times where we had to turn the power on to the solar water heater and so we wanted to increase our investment in solar power," Dave said. THE OWEN family invested in 28 solar panels which can generate up to 7 kilowatts of power in hopes that it would cover their monthly consumption of power which has cost them roughly $300 a month. "It was installed mid-December," he continued, "even in January and we had a house full of people we had our kids in for Christmas we had eleven people staying the house and our power bill for the entire month of January and that was with all the rain and clouds was $95." In choosing to go solar the Owen family weighed their options and looked towards the future benefits solar power would offer. "There was a few reasons one is we saw it as a good investment in the future financially it would be an investment that would pay off for us with lower power bills over a long period of time," said Dave. Referring to their home as "The Owen Bed & Breakfast", he says that with as many guests they have staying in their home solar power has made it so they no longer need to worry about how much hot water is used or how much power is consumed. "Then of course we want to be responsible citizens we know that the power needs of Guam are growing and we wanted to not be a burden on that we wanted to contribute to that and be responsible protecting our environment God created we want to take care of it," he shared. And if power and hot water on demand, lower power bills, and a tax break as a result of making the investment wasn't enough the Owen family says the superior service provided by Pacific Solar Photovoltaics is the icing on the cake. "I have been very pleased with the service that I have been getting with Pacific Solar," he added. "Whenever I have a need that was the main thing I was worried about was what if something goes wrong this is something I have no idea how to fix I'm not very good at fixing things anyway and every issue we have had someone has come out right away and taken care of it so I have been very pleased with the service that I have gotten with Pacific Solar."
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