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Guam - Did you know that when it comes to solar panels and inverters Pacific Solar and Photovoltaics provides options for homeowners, not just in the number of panels you would like on your home's roof but also in the type of inverter?

The Poppe family from Yona decided to invest in the advanced Sunny Boy 6000 inverter system. Province Poppe told KUAM News, "We have two Sunny Boy 6000s here, we have a 48-panel system that produces 275 watts per panel and these will provide up to 13,200 watts of power."

The solar panels are tied into the grid by two Sunny Boy 6000 inverters which provide added benefits. "One of the benefits is that we can check how much power we use through the Pacific Solar website," said Proviince.

In addition customers with the Sunny Boy 6000 can also download an android application to monitor their system from anywhere in the world. Another added feature of the Sunny Boy 6000 is if you knock on the display panel it will switch between views of the solar panels on the roof so you can make sure they are working properly. This particular system set up costs upwards of $30,000 but it is money well spent. "Because we have chosen to invest in the solar panels we are saving over $110,000 for the next 20 years...definitely the system is paying for itself," she added.

And while the system will pay for itself and create a savings in the future at this point and time the Poppe family say they're enjoying a significantly lower power bill, with Province adding, "Last month our power bill was $50 and this month it should be $11." This is in sharp contrast to their normal GPA power bill, which could be $500.

The Poppe family is now able to enjoy running their air conditioning units as long as they want and not have to worry about forking out a large amount of money to pay for their power bill. If you would like more information on how you can invest in solar energy contact Pacific Solar Photovoltaics.
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