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It's the alchemy of modern times - how to take the energy from the sun, and convert it into something valuable?

Just last year Yigo resident Kevin Reilly was paying roughly $8,000 a year in power. Today, he pays almost nothing. "I purchased my system in 2015 at the time my power bill was roughly $600-$700," he recalled. "It became clear that that's what I needed to do, try to use alternative energy to offset that bill. I did a bunch of research and eventually decided on Pacific Solar just because of the panels that they used and the internet recommendations and the testing that they did on it."

Pacific Solar and Photovoltaics is Guam's longest-running locally owned solar company. "My power bill dropped to $15, from a $600-$700 bill," said Reilly. He said it's one of the best investments he's ever made. "And in the long run it's going to be incredible savings for me, I don't see power - the price per kilowatt - going down, and this remains the same."

He said after the initial four-year payback for the system he purchased, he will continue to have $15 dollar power bills for the remaining period. His 48-panel system is insured for the next 25 years. He shared, "I definitely would recommend the systems, not only to be environmentally conscious but also because it just makes sense financially."

"With the end phase online system that they also give you with the system you can monitor your daily or monthly averages, and it will give you comparisons as far as how many trees you've saved by using the system, also in the time that you've had your system how many houses you could power," he said. "I've had mine for a little over a year and I'm looking at over 20 megawatts that I produced already."

And more than saving money and energy, going solar also helps save the environment.

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