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by Jolene Toves
It was several months ago that Sinajana resident Ed Lamb made says his interest was sparked after seeing the benefits that solar energy has for both the environment and the home owner during our Think Green segment. And after exploring the available options he decided to take the leap into renewable energy. "Well, I have a solar power system it generates 7 kilowatts of power a month it's designed basically to cover my entire power usage or what has been my power usage it has 28 panels and I have two inverters," he said. And if the power goes out during the day unlike most solar panel systems which must have the Guam Power Authority grid online to be used lamb's system is set up in a way that allows for his solar panels to continue to generate power and use it. "What it is the systems now a days if the power goes out the way its connected to the island's power grid no one has it's generating power but I still can't use it otherwise that power would go into the system and might hurt somebody so the idea is it shuts down but with the type of inverter I have if the power does go out island wide or in my area I can still actually use the power," he said. With 28 panels on his roof lamb is thrilled that he is able to reduce his carbon footprint on the environment while being able to enjoy the benefits of not having to worry about a large power bill at the end of the month. "One of the things that I definitely not worried about my power usage the sun is providing me all the power I need during the day the other thing personally as an individual or as a human being I have that benefit of feeling that I am making less of a carbon imprint and I'm saving power," he added, Lamb says he plans to add more panels in the future and while his system has been up and running for only a month he is looking forward to seeing his power bill which he anticipates to be reduced considerably. If you would like to find out more information on how Pacific Solar Photovoltaics can help you reduce you power bill through harnessing the sun's energy contact 632-4002.
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