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Mangilao resident reaps rewards of home solar panels

Jolene Toves

Guam - Imagine living in a home that has 2,600 square feet of living space. Now imagine looking at your monthly power bill and gasping despite conservation efforts.

Mangilao resident David Burger and his family did just that, as he recalled, "We were very conservative about how we use the power but our monthly power bills were getting to be $600-$650 a month."

With a power bill that high Burger decided to invest in solar paneling and worked with Pacific Solar Photovoltaics to install 34 solar panels on the south facing part of their home's roof. "When I talked to pacific solar I said I want to get my power down as much as possible then you find out that the best exposure for solar panels is southern exposure so we maximized the use of that," he said.

While panels can also be mounted facing east and west the best exposure to soak up the sun's rays is on the south, Burger decided to go with the maximum amount of panels he could afford at one time and while the price tag was hefty he does not regret it one bit.  "My installation was about $30,000 now you get a 30 percent tax credit which is over $10,000 so the net cost is about $20,000 and my power bill was $600-$650 a month and now the lowest one we had was about $175 and the highest about $275," he said.

That means the burgers are now saving about $400 a month which is equivalent to $5,000 a year so in roughly five years his system will be paid off, and with that savings burger says he plans to install at least 15 more panels. "Well I want this to be my retirement house and when I retire I don't want a power bill," he said.

"We are going to have a covered patio back here and I have already talked to pacific solar that we will build a frame out of concrete but the roof  that will be on the covered area will be more panels so that my power bill can go down to zero."

Now burger and his family can enjoy their home comfortably being able to turn on appliances such as air conditioning units at their convenience and leave it on all day too. So if you would like to lower your power bill and harness the sun's power so that you can enjoy the comforts of your home and appliance without a hefty power bill at the end of the month contact Pacific Solar Photovoltaics at 632-4002 to develop a solar panel plan that's right for you.
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