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PUBLISHED BY Tommy Blas : POST DATE 01/26/2014 | Comments
The first phase of a project to bring digital education to Chuuk was completed last week with the delivery of 12 stand-alone photovoltaic systems with batteries.
The Rotary Club of Truk Lagoon, in collaboration with Rotary Clubs in Japan, continues to work on a project to help 12 elementary schools in Faichuk that lack power, Internet, telephone and cellular service and water. Faichuk is one of four islands within the Truk Lagoon of Chuuk state of the Federated States of Micronesia.
"When completely assembled, the photovoltaic systems will have the capacity to produce about 60 (kilowatt-hours) per day," according to a press release from Bill Hagen, owner of Pacific Solar and Photovoltaics.
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